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EAI International Conference on Mobile Medical Multimedia Technologies, Applications and Services

June 14–15, 2016 | Budapest, Hungary

M3Apps + AALIoT 2016


June 14th 2016




Opening remarks



Panagiotis Bamidis,” IoT facilitation of exergaming/training and senior daily living activities "on the wild": experiences from one year continuous recordings”


Technical Session 1 AALIoT

1.    Engineering IoT Healthcare Applications: Towards a Semantic Data Driven Sustainable Architecture

2.    Recognizing human behavior from temporal sequential data with activity assignment

3.    Emotion Recognition in the Wild: Results and Limitations from Active and Healthy Ageing cases in a Living Lab


Coffee Break


Keynote M3Apps

Attila Ferik, Director, Software Platform Engineering, Europe GE Healthcare Budapest, Hungary: "Digitalization in Healthcare"


Technical Session 2 AALIoT

1.    Smart Adaptable System for Older Adults’ Daily Life Activities Management

2.    An Ambient Assisted Living Technology Platform for Informal Carers of the Elderly

3.    Keeping your employees’ knowledge up to date and qualification management





Nick Guldemond, “How internet of things could contribute to sustainable integrated care: practical examples from hospital, primary and social care”


Technical Session 3 M3Apps

1.    Volume visualization tools for medical applications in ubiquitous platforms
Ander Arbelaiz, Aitor Moreno, Luis Kabongo Vicomtech-IK4; Alejandro García-Alonso UPV/EHU

2.    Analysis of mobility management solutions for mobile
Norbert Varga, László Bokor Budapest University of Technology and Economics

3.    On the Extraction of Anthropometric Parameters by Visual and Non-Visual Means
Ondrej Kainz, Ján Forgáč, Miroslav Michalko, František Jakab Technical University of Košice


Coffee Break


Technical Session 4 M3Apps

1.    m-Skin Doctor: A Mobile Enabled System for Early Melanoma Skin Cancer Detection Using Support Vector Machine 
Taufiq Muhammad Aleem, Adeel Anjum COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Islamabad, Pakistan; Nazia Hameed, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom; Fozia Hameed King Khalid University

2.    Perceptual Quality of Reconstructed Medical Images on Projection-based Light Field Displays
Peter Andras Kara,  Wireless Multimedia and Networking Research Group, Kingston University; Peter Tamas Kovacs Holografika; Suren  Vagharshakyan Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology; Maria  Martini Wireless Multimedia and Networking Research Group, Kingston University; Sandor  Imre Department of Networked Systems and Services, Budapest University of Technology and Economics;
Attila  Barsi; Kristof  Lackner, Tibor  Balogh Holografika

3.    A survey on multimedia Quality of Experience assessment approaches in mobile healthcare scenarios
Tamás Péteri, Norbert Varga, László Bokor Budapest University of Technology and Economics

4.    Monitoring and Evaluation of Fetal Heart Rate via iPhone
Gábor Sipka , Tibor Szabó, Ráhel Zölei-Szénás, Melinda Vanya, Mária Jakó, Tamás Dániel Nagy, János Borbás, Márta Fidrich, Tamás Bitó, György Bártfai Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre, University of Szeged

5.   Use of infertility handling among women of reproductive age
Melinda Vanya, Mária Jakó, Győző Füle, Márta Fidrich, Andrea
Tamás, György Bártfai Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre, University of Szeged


Closing remarks